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The Farooqi Bros


Sheraz Farooqi

Sheraz serves as Editor-in-Chief of ComicBook Debate. Known for his superhero essays and film reviews, Sheraz is a Rotten Tomatoes certified critic.

Sheraz has always put emphasis on giving back to the community. He has led multiple comic book workshops across NYC, organized a Black Panther Fundraiser for over 450 kids in Bronx, NY and led a hospital charity drive at a Children’s Hospital. Sheraz believes in changing the culture of film criticism and comic book media by injecting voices of color from around the world.



Zayyan Farooqi
Managing Editor

As the Co-Founder of ComicBook Debate, Zayyan is a lifelong Batman fan and thoroughly enjoys all things comic book related. He helped organize and run the Black Panther Challenge which granted the opportunity for 450+ kids to see Black Panther in theaters.

Zayyan believes that through ComicBook Debate, we are able to give a platform to people from all experiences and backgrounds to speak on their passions regarding the comic book medium.


Omer K. Farooqi
Marketing Editor

Omer is the Marketing Editor at ComicBook Debate.

A core member of the team, Omer values the goal of providing a platform for voices from all over the world.


Sameer H. Farooqi
Creative Editor

Sameer is the Creative Editor at ComicBook Debate.

Rounding out the core owners of the team, Sameer brings his artistic vision, creative mindset and passion for the comic book medium, to help continue building CBD.


Feature Writers


Donnia Harrington
Lead Writer

Donnia is a writer who enjoys foreign cinema, female-centered video games, Korean music and Scandinavian crime novels. Follow her on Twitter for daily rants.


Aleena V.
DC Writer

An aspiring lawyer and a comic book enthusiast.



Brittany P. Witherspoon
Marvel Writer & Assistant Editor

I am an Organic Chemist by day and an ultimate pop culture fan by night. Some of my passions include sports, writing, reading comic books, & watching movies. But most importantly, I love spending time with people 🙂


Jonathan Belle
Specialty Writer

Jonathan Belle is a huge fan of the Ideal of Superman. And tries to use the Symbol of Hope to inspire people across the globe. Comics, movies and music are also interest of his, and loves discussing the sub cultures around them.


Chandler Balli
Film Writer

Cinephile. I love to watch, review and make movies!


Beyzanur Apaydın
Film Writer

Beyzanur is a fantasy & sci-fi admirer since she is first chosen as a Gryffindor student in Hogwarts! Believes that the “cinema” is the best form of art. Superheroes are her reality. She’s a fashion blogger since forever & a coder in the making!


Alex Batts
DC Comics Writer

21 and from Texas. Lifelong comic book enthusiast and movie lover. If I’m not talking about comics I’m probably not talking.


Terrence Sage
DC & Marvel Reviewer

Black pop culture writer that has a way with words, reads comics (a lot), watches movies, and digests music like food. Buy my book about why Superman beats Goku.


Nick Crocker
DCTV Writer

San Diego based film, television and superhero fan! I love to discuss all things DC and Marvel whether it’s here, on my tumblr or on my own personal Youtube chanel! As a lifelong fan of these these characters I hope express that love in what I write.


Alec Chournos
DC Writer

I’m a competitive swimmer with a passion for anything superhero. I love to read and write about the comic book genre, and I also love film and video games. I’m also a member of the LDS church, and actively participate in serving others.

Couldn’t be happier to be a part of the ComicBookDebate family!


Ander Lilly
DC & Marvel Comics Writer

An enormous fan of comics, especially Aquaman comics (yes, especially silver age Aquaman). Other interests include reading novels, history, video games, and more.


De’Areyes Antravis Bryant
DC Writer

I am an Senior English Education Major and huge DCEU fan who’s specializies in examining race and sexuality in media

Megan Danielle Loucks
DC Writer

DC comics/DCEUfanatic, wanna be amazon, pc gamer, and movie lover.


Aleana K.

I’m a DC fanatic, and a huge Barry Allen Flash fan. I enjoy reading comic books, and I love everything DC. Most days I spend my time, day dreaming that I’m a speedster.

Lead Artist

UK based artist. I have been drawing as long as I can remember. Long time DC Superman fan.

Twitter | Instagram

Contributing Writers


Ayanna Branham
Film Writer

In the business of being inspired and inspiring others.



Cass Gonzalez
Film Writer

Movies and books are my passion. Psychology and philosophy are my main areas of focus, as well as simply just gushing over the things I love.


Fatma Sawalim
DC Writer

I’m Fatma and my world revolves around comics, books, movies and shows ! Sometimes I do venture outside but I’m mostly in love with my superheroes and my Sci fi and fantasy world’s . I’m also a bit of a foodie 🙂


Aaron M.
DC Writer

Avid comics and film fan. Artist. Writer. Alan Moore whisperer. Aspiring to be Batman since 94’


Adesh Sekhon
Film Writer

A film and media student based in UK, who enjoys talking about films and occasionally takes pictures. Also a life long superman fan.


Jerrell Camper
Marvel Writer

A comic book and anime lover. Chef in training.


Claire M.
Film Writer

French. Cinema lover and bookworm. Coffee addict. Studying for a Bachelor's Degree in English. Mostly raving about the things I love.

Twitter | Instagram

Simeone Miller
Contributing Writer

Simeone Miller is a college student, social media jack-of-all trades, dog dad, and a proud member of the ComicBook Debate Family

Jesse Przewoznik
Contributing Writer

Jesse is a lifelong fan of superhero comics and cinema.
Working as a freelance writer for the last several years, he is eager to bring his talent to the ComicBook Debate team and to use the platform as a means of exposing others to the exceptional artists and creators working in the comic medium.

Simone Kereama (2019)
Contributing Writer

Comics Diehard.

Serial reader of DC! Golden Age, New 52, Everything Mera. Official #Bookstagrammer for DC Comics. Not a cinephile but Man of Steel is definitely the best movie of all time.

Tevin Murphy (2018-2019)
DC Writer

Proud Hufflepuff, pop culture writer, and fancasting expert. I have a degree in film and video production. Avid fan of Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Storm. I have a strong opinion on just about everything pop culture related….which includes Goku’s parenting skills.


Asher D. (2017-2019)
Film Writer

My name is Asher. I’m a 21 year old college student studying business and law, but I also enjoy films.


Mike Mason (2018-2019)
DC Writer

A Black queer kid with an attitude. Writer, author, avid Wonder Woman fan, and Wakanda’s border patrol captain. I’m here for all things comics, and love all things representation.


News Writers


Britany Murphy
Lead News Writer

B.A. in Journalism & Media Studies
I write, draw and colour sometimes.
Lover of comics, films, books and a plethora of nerdy things.

María Garduño
News Writer

When I was growing up I wanted to be a hunter, study in Starfleet or Hogwarts and a be vigilante at night…so I became an actress and a writer instead.

Assistant Editors


Haris Hassan
Production Editor

Haris is a Production Editor at ComicBook Debate.
An extension of the Farooqi Bros, Haris helps with business developments & videography.

Raaga Kanakam
Assistant Editor

Florida-based. Fan girl of all things DC. Film and video game lover. Forever an admirer of Aquaman.


Emma T
Assistant Editor

Hailing from the rainy part of Canada, Emma is an executive assistant who always has a book in her purse. When she’s not reading, you’ll find her playing video games with an iced coffee in hand and a dog in her lap.


J’Neia Stewart
Assistant Editor

24 year old history buff and nerd that enjoys writing about movies and tv shows.